Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

We've finished three exciting days scuba diving on Agincourt Reefs. On the second day we had our own masks, snorkels and fins. John had not used his own mask in deep ocean waters, and unfortunately he had a pretty severe mask squeeze. This resulted in broken blood vessels in his eyes. He is OK, however he looks like Darth Maul the Seth Lord. He didn't dive the last two dives that day, but snorkeled instead.

Yesterday was our last day on the reefs. We both dove together, and went off exploring on our own without the dive master. We stayed at about 30 feet and John rented a digital camera for the day, and I used my new underwater film camera. We had a fabulous time, there were amazing amounts of fish to see, and it was slower and more relaxing on our own. We even managed to get back to the boat at the appropriate time without loosing each other!

John got some great photos, and we are going to pick up my film later today. Hopefully we will have some to send you soon.

Today we fly to Adelaide and then pickup the van and on to Kangaroo Island. We have thoroughly enjoyed Port Douglas, although it is very humid, about 98% someone said. It is a good thing we were on the boat for three days.

We have all our luggage now, and will need to sweet talk the airline into taking it all for us without an extra charge!

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