Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting Ready

We leave for Alaska on Thursday, can't wait. We are busily preparing and packing, should be ready in time. John has a few more things to build, including a new light weight carry on suitcase. It gets harder each trip to get all our equipment on boad the plane.

Here are our plans:
  • Thursday 21st fly to Anchorage, pickup the car on Friday and drive south to Soldatna
  • Saturday 23rd - Tuesday 26th - Bear photography at Silver Salmon Creek lodge
  • Wednesday 27th - Sunday 31st - drive up to Denalia National Park, with a definite stop in Talkeetna.
  • Monday Sept 1st - Friday 5th - camping in Denali at Wonderlake Campground
  • Sunday Sept 8th - fly to Juneau, and take the four hour ferry to Haines
  • Tuesday 9th - Thur 11th - hang out in Haines and photograph the eagles.
  • Friday 12th - Final trip home to Dallas

We don't know what sort of Internet access we will have on the trip, but plan to try and update this blog as much as we can.

Stay tunned!


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