Sunday, August 28, 2011

Burning Man 2011

Today we leave Colorado for our second trip to Burning Man.  This years theme is Rites of Passage, and as usual we have been preparing for months.  Joining us on this adventure is Phil Huff and Jim and Judith O'Toole. We have all the necessary food, water, and shelter required to survive in the desert for a week.  Probably too much stuff, but in true Radical Self Reliance form we don't want to be a burden on the community.

Since our first event was in 2009 we are calling this is Burning Man 2.0.  We at least know what to expect, and are excited to experience Black Rock City again.  This time we have more costumes so we can participate in the Radical Self Expression principle!   We also want to try and see more of the city and theme camps than last time,.  

For those of you who need a recap of Burning Man, check out our 2009 postings:

We are taking an easier approach of no RV, since getting the RV prepared and out to the Playa about killed us last time.  Stay tuned as to how camping in the dust works for us!  Phil, John and I are convoying from Summit Country today, and anticipate arriving at the Playa Tuesday morning.   Jim and Judith are joining us Wednesday, hopefully we can all find each other in a city of 50,000.

We will send updates when possible, probably some during our 1,000 mile drive west, which is an adventure  in itself.  Doubtful we will have Internet access once we get to the Playa, but with Burning Man you never know.

The Man burns in 6 days!

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