Thursday, February 16, 2006

G'Day from Port Douglas Australia

We finally arrived in Port Douglas yesterday afternoon. The three flights and shuttle were fairly uneventful, except Qantas did not put all our bags on the plane in LA due to weight restrictions. (Not our bags I might add, the whole plane was heavy.) Poor John did not have any clothes, and we didn't have our scuba gear. However we managed to buy some emergency clothes, and used the gear on the boat today, so all is good!

We had a fabulous day diving on barrier reef today. Our first real dives. We made three dives, and managed not to drown or get eaten! Tomorrow and Monday we go out for more diving.

The real big news for those of you that don't know, is John and Sara are grandparents. Baby Cole was born early Wednesday morning. Holly and Cole are fine. Chris and Holly are beaming brand new parents.

Port Douglas is hot humid, tropical and very laid back. A lovely relaxing way to start the trip. Tuesday we fly to Adelaide to visit Kangaroo island, and then drive the Great Ocean Road.

Hope you are all well.

Special thanks to Dr Susan for providing the Ambian CR it work great.

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