Monday, August 31, 2009

Leaving Dillon - At Last

After a day and a half of preparation we have finally departed! We
have 1000 miles before we arrive at Burning Man. Everyone has their
tickets, a good thing at 300 dollars a person. We have more than
enough food to feed a small army, 40 gallons o drinking water and
another 40 as backup. We do need to stop for beer and tequila though.
Fabulous views as we drive past Vail.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Burning Man 2009

This years adventure is a trip to an event in the Nevada deseart called Burning Man. It's a bit difficult to explain what Burning Man is, and even after all the research and discussions we have done, we are not really sure what to expect. First, about 30 - 40,000 people get together on an area in the Black Rock desert also called the Playa.

For a week everyone lives in a community which is based on radical self reliance, radical self expression and temporary community. You have to take everything needed to survive for a week, there is no electricity, food, water, or the ability to purchase anything. (Although it is possible to buy ice and coffee!) Thousands of people create amazing art structures in the desert, and theme camps for things like solar power, recycling, and all sorts of different artistic expression.

For more information here is the main Web site: ,  it really explains everything well. For such a radical event, there sure are a lot of rules!

We have planning this trip for over two years, and as the months have gone by preparation has got more and more hectic. We have a group of close friends joining us for this adventure, Phil from Colorado, Jim and Janet our skydiving friends, and David from Dallas. We've all gathered our costumes, (apparently very important), built a camp shower with evaporation pond, and the critical shade structure.

After a 14 hour drive from Dallas, with a fully loaded van, we find ourselves in Colorado at Phil's house. We spent all day unloading the van and preparing the rv, checking our bikes etc. The RV is full of food, clothing, camping equipment, clothing to deal with temperature ranges of 40F to 100F, everything we need to be self reliant! Jim is here from Dallas, and tomorrow we start the 1000 mile drive to Black Rock City, the temporary city created for Burning Man.

We are looking forward to some great experiences, seeing some amazing art and generally having a fantastic time.  We are staying with the Burning Sky camp, which is for skydivers. A plane is being brought in, and Janet plans on making some jumps.

We will try to send updates when we can, we probably won't have any Internet access on the Playa, but plan to write everyday and just update when we get back out. We'll be at Burning Man probably from Wed 2nd until Monday 7th.

This may be an epic adventure for all of us, stay tuned.