Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Buenos Aires and Final Thoughts on our South America trip

We returned to Buenos Aires Friday afternoon. Saturday we ventured out to a part of Buenos Aires called Caminito, in the La Boca neighborhood. It is wildly colorful. Many years ago when Italian immigrants moved to Buenos Aires to work in the shipyards they lived in a poor section of the city. Many of the homes and buildings were made of tin. To spice up their living environment they brought home left over paint from their work at the shipyards and painted their homes and buildings with a real mish mash of bright vivid paints. Not only is the area colorful and vibrant, they also have numerous cartoonish looking figures on many of their balconies. There is a lot of activity with many places to eat and tango dancing is very present. We also went to San Telmo which is another section of Buenos Aires.

Two weeks previously when we first arrived in Buenos Aires we spent the afternoon at Cementerio de la Recoleta. This cemetery was built in 1882 and is quite ornate. It is similar to the famous Pere Lachaise in Paris which we have also visited.

Sunday, our final day in Buenos Aires we decided to take in a polo match. There are three sports the Argentineans seem to be passionate about - polo, soccer, and car racing, and they have some of the best polo players in the world. The match was a lot of fun even though we really did not have a clue about how the game is played or the rules.

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Buenos Aires

As we sat on the American Airlines 777 in 1st class on our flight back to Miami and Dallas we reflected back on our last three weeks.  (Have to love using reward miles for a trip!)   Peru was awesome, especially Machu Picchu and the small towns of the Sacred Valley. The people were warm, friendly, and helpful. The big surprise was the food. We had some really wonderful meals.

The mountains of Patagonia were truly beautiful. We were warned the weather could be volatile and that turned out to be true. I really think there is enough wind in Patagonia to light up the entire country of America. Nevertheless, the mountains in the Fitz Roy area and down in Torres del Paine in Chile are majestic.

Speaking of America, every time Sara and I go on a trip to another country it makes us realize what a wonderful country we live in. We often take for granted some of the small things like the quality of the water we get out of our faucets. We love and enjoy seeing different parts of the world and meeting people from other countries but we always look forward to returning home.

We hope you enjoyed our comments and pictures from our South American adventure.  What's next? Probably Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma.

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