Sunday, December 16, 2012

South East Asia 2013

On Christmas Day  we are leaving for our big adventure to South East Asia.  We will be traveling to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar(Burma).  After a year of planning we are finally ready for the trip and are really excited.   We have booked 16 flights, 12 hotels, 2 overnight trains and one cruise, really need a vacation after all that prep work.

Our plan is of course for John to take lots of fabulous photos, and to also experience the Buddhist culture.  In 1995 we were married in Nepal by a Buddhist Llama, and have had a connection to Buddhism ever since. During the trip we will have the opportunity to visit many Buddhist temples, and ancient cities, including Angkor Wat in Cambodia  and Bagan in Burma.  An overnight train trip on the Orient Express to see the northern hill tribes in Vietnam should be a great experience also.

We will be posting and uploading photos when we can, hope you enjoy reading about our travels!

John and Sara Stanford