Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Entering Nevada

We just entered Nevada, about 500 miles to go.  We slept in a rest
area with the truckers last night, after driving until 1am.  John got
the worst driving slot, 2 lanes in the dark up soldier pass, with
construction, very scary!  The bad news is Jim's foot isn't any
better, he can barely walk, even with plenty od painkillers, so sadly
we are dropping him of in Reno. :(
 We just passed Boneville salt flats where they are racing bikes
today, tempting to stop, but Buring Man is waiting - the man buns in 4
days and 11 hours.....

This post didn't go out when it should have. Since I wrote we have
blown a tire, and taken a detour to Battle Mountain Tire factory.
Back on the road now heading to Reno to drop off Jim and pick up Janet
and David. Onward with the adventure!

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